Java Update Bundling

This morning I updated Java (JRE) on my Windows computer for the last time. Every update comes with some worthless bundled software, this one in particular has the toolbar. Usually I catch these crappy bundles, which always come pre-checked for installation, but today I missed it. I really dislike the idea of having to watch that my computer isn’t torpedoed with worthless programs every time I update my computer, so I went searching for alternatives. This kind of behavior puts Oracle as a company in the same group as spammers and virus makers in my view. I quickly found others who are disgruntled by Oracle’s disservice of an existance here and here.

I found there are a few solutions to this problem. The first is to stick with Oracle Java and install the ‘developer’ version of the Java Runtime Environment, called ” Windows x86 Offline” (File name ending in “-windows-i586.exe”), available here. Another option is a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) made by IBM. Unfortunately, this is not available as a standalone package for Windows… To use this one you must install IBM’s programming IDE called Eclipse. I looked into a third option, which i would have chosen personally, called OpenJDK. While there is a Windows installer here, it does not include a browser plugin.

In the end, I’ve decided to go without a web plugin, and have OpenJDK installed should any program outside my web browser need Java to run.

Fly Fishing Photoshoot

Check out these photos of fly fishing at Steamboat in April.

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