Tropical Winter

Check out the video from my time at the beach this winter:

What is travel?!?

I woke as the first rays of sunshine began to illuminate the morning sky. Of course, the squawking roosters and barking dogs greatly assisted the process. Turning to my travel buddy Kevin, I saw that he was also waking, so we packed up our sleeping bags and got off the rooftop of the town jail. Neither of us had realized the purpose of the building when we picked it to sleep on the night before; we had other things to worry about at the time. Our previous night was epic; while we were checking out the town, Cathy had unintentionally thrown burning fuel on Sterling, severely burning his neck and shoulders (Juicy details here). Cathy and Sterling, the mother-son duo we had been riding with for the last two weeks were not early risers, so Kevin and I sat in the plaza with the town chickens for a few hours and reflected on the recent events of our trip. We weren’t hung over, and alcohol, drugs, and blacking out played no part in the story. This was adventure travel.
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